Highly Technical Approach To Non-Operated Assets

Riverbend sky

Our Approach

Riverbend prides itself on being a value-added, non-threatening industry partner to our operators. Investing as a non-operator provides us the ability to build a large E&P asset base with limited and controllable overhead and minimal inventory of expiring or undeveloped leasehold.

Our Experience

With nearly 20 years of experience owning non-operated working interests, Riverbend is one of the best, most well-established non-operated working interest teams in the U.S. Our proprietary acquisition model is predicated on nearly 20 years of engineering analysis, in-basin commercial intelligence, and geologic & geophysical evaluations.

We have built out and modeled full-field development across every unit in the Midland Basin, Delaware Basin, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, and Williston Basin. We also have extensive experience with governing documents that provide rights to non-operated working interest parties (JOA, JDA).

Our Success

Riverbend has a wealth of experience owning, managing, and monetizing non-operated working interests. By managing the asset as if we are operating, Riverbend is able to diligently track and forecast the performance of the assets as well as provide value-added intelligence to our operating partners.